Theme and song from Favorite Character

Theme and song from Favorite Character

Charlie and Lola – Charlie and Lola Theme Tune, LazyTown – When We Play In A Band, Dora the Explorer – Waltzing Matilda / Kookaburra, Fifi and the Flowertots – Fifi’s Lemonade, Peppa Pig – Peppa Pig Medley, Pitt & Kantrop – Pitt & Kantrop Theme, Shaun The Sheep – Life’s A Treat (Wool Mix), Pocoyo – Pocoyo Theme, Me Too! – Me Too! Theme – Riverseafingal, Jim Jam & Sunny – Jim Jam & Sunny Theme, Finley The Fire Engine – Hey Hey Finley, The Beeps – The Beeps Opening Titles, Mama Mirabelle – Mama Mirabelle Title Theme, Mister Maker – Mister Maker Theme, Bratz Babyz – Feel The Power, Something Special – Let’s Make Music, Tweenies – Right Here, Right Now, Go Diego Go!-Morning In The Rainforest/Diego Theme, The Backyardigans – The Backyardigans Theme Song, Bob the Builder – Right Tool For The Job, Space Pirates – Space Pirates (Extended Theme), Charlie and Lola – The Bestest in the Barn, Big Barn Farm – Big Barn Farm Theme, Balamory – If You Need A Little Rhythm, Mama Mirabelle – Five Senses, Brum – Who’d Ya Call?, Postman Pat – Postman Pat Medley, Jakers! – Main Title – Jakers! Theme, Rupert Bear – Rupert Bear Follow The Magic, Something Special – I Am The Monkey, Jim Jam & Sunny – Wriggle Song, Tweenies – Do The Lollipop, Teletubbies – Jumping For Fun, Those Scurvy Rascals – Those Scurvy Rascals Theme, Fimbles – We Are Fimbles, How D’you Do?, Finley The Fire Engine – Friends To The End, Hana’s Helpline – Hana’s Helpline Theme Tune, The Magic Roundabout – The Magic Roundabout Theme, Bob the Builder – Let’s Get Busy, Fun Song Factory – Fun Song Factory Theme, Fifi and the Flowertots – We Love To Salsa, Me Too! – Bobby’s Boogie, Fimbles – It’s Fun To Fimble, Little Tikes – Let’s Play Together, Basil Brush – Boom Boom, Carrie & David’s Popshop – Carrie & David’s Popshop Theme, Noddy – Let’s Parade, Big Cook Little Cook – Big Cook Little Cook Theme, Get Squiggling – Get Squiggling Theme, Boogie Beebies – Motown Mix, Bratz Babyz – We Can Do It, Muffin The Mule – Where’s Willy?, Postman Pat – Greendale Anthem, Bill and Ben – Bill and Ben Theme, Pablo The Little Red Fox – Pablo The Little Red Fox Theme, Vampires Pirates and Aliens – Vampires Pirates and Aliens Theme, Balamory – Cheer You Up, SpongeBob Squarepants – SpongeBob Squarepants Theme, Crazy Frog – Popcorn, Teletubbies – Say Eh Oh (2007 Remix), Me Too! – My Time Too (Granny Murray), Tweenies – Bananas, Fimbles – Do The Fimble Dance, The Wonder Pets! – The Wonder Pets Theme, Balamory – Jump A Little Higher, Boogie Beebies – Reggae Mix, Bob the Builder – Bobs Line Dance, Tommy Zoom – Tommy Zoom 2007 Extended Theme, Fun Song Factory – The Rhythm Of The Music, Bird Bath – Bird Bath Opening / End Titles Medley, The Hydronauts – The Hydronauts Theme Tune, Teletubbies – Clouds, Ethelbert The Tiger – Ethelbert The Tiger Theme Tune, Skunk Fu! – Skunk Fu!, Little Tikes – When You Least Expect It, The Beeps – Beep Beep Tree Song, Watch My Chops – Watch My Chops Theme Tune, Noddy – The Noddy Nod, Crazy Frog – Axel F, Space Pirates – Auld Lang Syne Remix.


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