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Another Day in Paradise

The Long and Winding Road

Sweet Caroline

Shop Around

Smoky Mountain Memories

Love Me Tender

Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me

When You Believe

Think of Me

Stand by Me

With You


And So It Goes



28 Responses

  1. i love his voice….
    and his featured too…
    sooooo cuteeeeeeee….

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  4. When you feel alone and lost
    Living in a world that seems so rough
    There would be no cost
    Praying for blessings is enough.

    For the blessings we receive
    Come in the small treasures we look past
    Those that fill your heart, I believe
    Those that will bring you hope at last.

    Having hope will change your views
    And will bring happiness to your soul
    For it’s not something you have to lose
    It is our ultimate goal.

    -Kirsten Hutchinson

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