Lambert-Allen finale kicks off on `American Idol’

'American Idol' finalists, Kris Allen and Adam Lambert

'American Idol' finalists, Kris Allen and Adam Lambert

The force of nature known as Adam Lambert opened the “American Idol” finale, but Kris Allen “won” the first round.

Lambert, the guylinered glam rocker from California, is battling acoustic guitar player Allen from Conway, Ark. For his first song, Lambert sang one of his greatest “Idol” hits, wearing a long, dark coat during the brooding arrangement of “Mad World” from the cult movie “Donnie Darko.”

Like the first time, it was well-received.

“I’m gonna give you an A-plus for that one dude, A for Adam!” gushed judge Randy Jackson.

Allen followed Lambert’s performance with “Ain’t No Sunshine.” The judges’ panel loved the rendition, which featured Allen on the piano.

“When you’re name was announced last week, I wasn’t sure that America had made the right choice,” he said. “I absolutely take all that back now after that performance.”

With that, Cowell declared Allen the Round One winner.

Lambert and Allen are slated to perform three songs a piece: a favorite performance from this past season; a tune selected by “Idol” creator Simon Fuller and a song co-written by Kara DioGuardi, the show’s fourth judge.

Adam Lambert sings No Boundaries composed by Kara DioGuardi

Randy: It was pitchy
Kara: I’m moved. Thank you.
Paula: I’m in awe.
Simon: I’m not going to judge that song, I’m going to judge you. You are a worldwide star.

Adam Lambert sings A Change is Gonna Come as the producer’s choice (Simon Fuller)

Randy: You can sing your face off
Kara: Your winning combination is using both sides of yourself
Paula: That was the best I’ve heard you sing – You are iconic!
Simon: You are 100% back in the game

Adam Lambert sings Mad World on American Idol 8 Finale for his Favorite performance

Randy: Loved the fog and the long coat
Kara: You are an incredible artist
Paula: You gave us a theatrical taste
Simon: It was a bit over theatrical — it reminded me of Phantom of the Opera

Kris Allen sings Ain’t No Sunshine on American Idol 8 Finale for his Favorite performance

Randy: I hope the Lakers win
Kara: You sing to everyone in the audience
Paula: You are an artist
Simon: America made the right choice to put you in the Finale — Round One goes to Kris!

Kris Allen sings What’s Going On as the producer’s choice (Simon Fuller)

Randy: It was just a little light
Kris: You make people change
Paula: You torn that song up
Simon: It was like 3 friends in a bedroom

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  1. […] Lambert-Allen finale kicks off on `American Idol’ […]

  2. […] Lambert-Allen finale kicks off on `American Idol’ […]

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