American Idol Top 3 delivered a great show.

Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey

The Top 3 on American Idol came through tonight, delivering a great show. Host Ryan Seacrest tells us that this is the show’s 300th episode, making it extra special.

Paula Abdul’s pick for Danny Gokey was “Dance Little Sister” by Terrance Trent D’Arby. She picked it because Danny has the same magical quality to his voice as Terrance. It was a good performance, very energetic. It was a great choice for Danny. Randy Jackson thinks it was dope and a great way to start the night. Kara DioGuardi liked that Paula picked it, but didn’t like Danny’s dancing. Paula says she liked the dancing and thought Danny did fantastic. Simon points out it’s a singing show not a dancing show. He thinks the dancing was desperate, but the worst part was the sax solo.

In Arkansas, Kris Allen found out that Kara and Randy picked “Apologize” by One Republic. Randy likes the song’s range. Kara thinks it’s a dark and beautiful song that is open to interpretation. The performance is karaoke. He’s totally missing the emotion of the song. Randy thinks Kris can sell millions with a song like this. Kara wanted him to change it up and make it his own. Paula thinks there was a very loud bum note, but is proud of him. Simon doesn’t say anything about the perfomance, instead focusing on his fellow judges. Simon doesn’t understand how Paula can point out a bum note and still be proud of Kris. He then yells at Kara for picking a song then blaming Kris for doing that song. This leads to a lovely exchange between the judges that had me ready to scream. Honestly they all just need to grow up. Yes, Simon’s right that Kara can’t really complain if Kris sings the song that she picked for him. But is the live show really the place to take her to task for it?

Simon picked “One” by U2 for Adam. Simon had to get permission from the band. He got a call from Bono on Saturday who said it would be their pleasure to let Adam do the song. It was a good performance, but I’m not fond of the arrangement. Randy thinks he went off the melody too much for him, but thinks Adam is very talented. Kara tells Adam he proved he can take a song and do it in a completely different way. Paula thinks it was a brilliant song and a superb performance. Simon likes the song choice of course. He also thinks if Adam isn’t in the finals it will be the biggest upset ever.

We’re then treated to a plug for how awesome is American Idol for thinking of Idol Gives Back. Over the past two years they have raised over $140 million. Exxon sent Carrie Underwood to Angola and we get a clip of that.

Danny Gokey picked “You Are So Beautiful” by Joe Cocker to sing. I didn’t like the beginning, but the middle and end is better. Randy liked the change in the arrangement. Kara tells Danny that the performance was stunning. Paula tells him that he left everyone breathless. Simon didn’t think the song needed to be rearranged, but says that was a vocal masterclass.

Kris Allen picks “Heartless” by Kanye West to perform. He played the guitar with no other music. It was a good performance. Randy liked it better than the original. Kara wanted to know why he didn’t do that with “Apologize.” Kris answered that he didn’t want to overdo it. Paula tells him that this is what keeps him relevant. Simon had written Kris out of the competition after the lame song choice earlier, but changed his opinion after that performance.

Adam Lambert picks “Cryin” for his performance. It was a great performance, with one exception. That background singer needs to be fired. Luckily she only had a couple of brief parts of the song to sing. Randy tells him to make a rock album because that’s who he is. Kara calls it amazing. Paula doesn’t think even Steven Tyler would have anything to say about that performance. Simon points out that while the other judges think it’s a given that Adam will be in the finale, America still needs to vote for him and not assume he’ll sail through.

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