American Idol Down to Final Four


Now this is where it gets interesting. There was no saving Matt Giraud this time on “American Idol.”

American Idol is down to its final four contestants after Ryan Seacrest presided over maybe the most heartstring-tugging elimination yet. Not because of tears shed, necessarily, but because these guys ‘n’ gal have come so darn far! And smashed cake all over each other!

The refreshingly talented remaining few will perform two songs apiece next week, meaning their chances for a blistering Simon Cowell critique will double—although so will their chances of having their outfit complimented by Paula Abdul.

But before we can look ahead, we have to say goodbye to the one who isn’t a member of the vote-sanctioned foursome.

He made the most of his second chance, but Matt Giraud wasn’t destined for the finish line.

The 23-year-old piano player from Kalamazoo, Mich., whom the judges saved from voter indifference two weeks ago, was eliminated from the competition Wednesday after a split-decision performance on Rat Pack night.

“I’ll definitely remember being the cat with nine lives up there,” Giraud, fedora-topped as always, said before launching into “My Funny Valentine” one more time. “It’s definitely not the last time you’ll see me. I want ot thank Kalamazoo and Michigan for supporting me, and the judges for seeing something in me. I love you all, so, I can’t wait.”

Last night, Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi weren’t big fans, but Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell thought he raised the bar.

Before revealing anything whatsoever, Seacrest took on all five contestants at once, going through last night’s critiques and making them stand stage right or left, prison-guard-style, before making the pitchtastic Adam Lambert choose which side he thought was safe.

Seacrest then allowed seemingly unstoppable Adam Lambert to choose which group he belonged in. He picked Allison Iraheta and Danny Gokey—who, in fact, were safe, but Seacrest dropped a bomb: Lambert was in the bottom three. So he had to stand with Matt and Kris Allen instead.

Considering the bottom three constituted the majority of the remaining contestants, it wasn’t the most horrible place in the world for the arena (or Broadway)-ready rocker to be—but, as Natalie Cole sang before the big reveal, “Something’s Gotta Give.”

“This is crazy!” Paula exclaimed. “There are five bright, shining stars!” Etc., etc. “But someone’s gotta go!”

“My mouth went open again,” said judge Kara DioGuardi. “That’s what happens with Adam.”

The drama was extended after Seacrest sent Allen to safety, leaving Lambert and Giraud as the bottom two vote-getters. While the judges were split on Tuesday’s “Rat Pack”-themed show over Giraud’s “My Funny Valentine” rendition, they all agreed that 27-year-old theater actor Lambert’s “Feeling Good” performance left them feeling, well, really good.

Gokey and Iraheta, who both recently celebrated birthdays, were safe from elimination, but the 29-year-old church music director from Milwaukee and the 17-year-old high school student from Los Angeles weren’t totally out of harm’s way. Video was shown of them tangling in a cake-making brawl that left their kitchen a mess.

Kris got to join Allison and Danny after a performance by Taylor Hicks but before Jamie Foxx’s appearance, meaning Adam and Matt were stuck standing there—for utmost dramatic effect, of course— like a couple of guys faking smiles while waiting for the bus to death row.

Then, Ryan had to tease Simon about being off his game last night (he called Matt’s performance “brilliant” and thought Adam a cut above, as always).

Simon’s allowed a blip or two, though. America, on the other hand… More than 47 million votes were cast and not enough were in Adam’s favor to put him in the top three. Does that mean the genre-bending singer has to worry about not making the finale?

It’s madness, we tell you! But at least it’s the kind that makes things a little more interesting.

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