“American Idol” 8 Finalist Performances

Finally getting a chance to review last night’s performances on American Idol. I don’t believe there was truly an amazing performance tonight but there were several good ones. Kristy Lee Cook has her best night of the season. David Archuleta was very strong as usual and Jason Castro did HIS thing.

Michael John

Song: “Dream On”

Verdict: in the bottom three?

Randy didn’t like it because he’s not being himself, but Paula love it. Simon, on the other hand, hate the perfomance. This guy has a major infatuation with guy vests and scarfs. His fashion might suck but he really hit the high notes out of the park on this tune. Overall it was above average and he will for sure be back next week. Grade B

Syesha Mercado

Song: “I believe”

Verdict: Still hanging on

After sang Whitney Houston “I will always love you” last week, Syesha tried another big song by Fantasia. Unfortunately, Simon and Randy still compared her with the original song and thought that she still couldn’t outsang Fantasia. But still, they thought the performance was ok. And Paula, guess what? She loved the performance but thought that it still lack of emotion like Fantasia did. Syesha needs to make her own identity. Attitude could cost her tomorrow night. Grade C-

Jason Castro

Song: “Somewhere over the rainbow”

Verdict: Back in the game

Jason perform another great performance by singing with ukalele. He did the Hawaiian version of this song that sung by Katherine McPhee in season 5. Another song about dreams. The three judges agreed that Jason proved to be a good singer. Even Simon said it was fantastic. He is a fan favorite and likely will survive. Grade B+

Kristy Lee Cook

Song: “Anyway”

Verdict: Save by the song again

The token hottie remaining attempted to tackle this Martina McBride song. She picked another good choice of song by singing Martina McBride’s song that happened to be Paula’s favourite song. Randy still found some picthy notes, but like the performance. Simon thought it was good, but not great, even told her that she looks like a star. Paula said that this was her best performance. By hanging around, she seems to be picking up a bit of confidence as well. Grade A

David Cook

Song: “Innocent”

Verdict: Be careful, David

This time, David picked the wrong song by singing Innocent. He was not quite like himself. Bad song selection, bad arrangement and even worse vocals. Randy and Simon didn’t like it at all. Simon hated the coat and said he was a snob. Paula still like it. The Michael Jackson jacket didn’t help either. I didn’t dig this performance much at all. He will likely survive it though. Grade D-

Carly Smithson

Song: “The Show must go on”

Verdict: Big trouble

After failed impressing the judges last week, Carly attempted to tackle a classic Queen song (a theme this season) and she did a so/so job. But at least Simon likes her look. Her lack of connection with the audience made Paula concern about the performance. She might be in the bottom three tomorrow night. Grade D

David Archuleta

Song: “Angel”

Verdict: Still going strong

Randy was blown away by his performance and said that it was great. Paula love it. Simon said it was not as good as last week, but it still a good performance. Great choice of song. David probably deserves a Dove Award. He will have a very successful music career. He is extremely talented. I think he is the next American Idol. His performance tonight stood out to me more than any of his ones prior. He will be back next week rather easily. Grade A.

Brooke White

Song: “You’ve got a friend”

Verdict: Get back in the bottom three

As usual, she sing very safe song, but the judges didn’t really like it. It was ok said Randy. I vaguely remember hearing Carole King’s original version of this song on the radio. Brooke’s version didn’t even come close to Carole’s. I liked the dress, legs, hair and overall performance of Brooke. She needed a Red Bull before her performance. She seemed half asleep and extremely unenergetic. Grade C-

Hasty Predictions

I think Kristy will be safe again, but Carly, Brooke, and Michael John will be in the bottom three.

Knocked It Out: Kristy Lee Cook, David Archuleta, Jason Castro

In The Middle: Syesha Mercado, David Cook

Danger Zone:, Carly Smithson, Brooke White, Michael John


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