Oprah interviewed pregnant man

An episode of the Oprah Winfrey show, featuring the first interview with pregnant man, Thomas Beatie, has aired in the US.

34-year-old Beatie, who is six months pregnant, has told Oprah that the pregnancy is a miracle.

“I can’t believe it. I can’t believe she’s inside me,” Mr Beatie said. “[It’s] not a male or female desire to have a child. It’s a human desire.”

Beatie, who decided to become a man 10 years ago, appeared comfortable with his very prominent pregnant belly visible through his manly clothes, and is still sporting a thin beard.

“I have a very stable male identity,” Beatie said.

The couple said once the baby was born they would not change their roles, things would be the same as they had been throughout their five year marriage.

“He’s going to be the father and I’m going to be the mother,” Beatie’s wife Nancy told Oprah.

Mrs Beatie was unable to carry their child after she was forced to have a hysterectomy 20 years ago, due to a severe case of endometriosis.

Mrs Beatie explained how she inseminated her husband with a syringe using sperm provided by a donor.
The couple’s obstetrician, Dr Kimberly James appeared alongside the couple, reassuring viewers that so far everything was going well.

“This is a normal pregnancy…this baby is totally healthy,” Dr James said.

With Oprah describing the situation as, “a new definition of what diversity means for everybody,” she went on to question their motives for going public.

Mrs Beatie explained that there was always the threat that they would be exposed and by coming forward themselves they could have control over it.

“We’re just going to have the baby now…If we have to, we’ll go hide,” Mrs Beatie said.

When Beatie had his sex change, he had surgery to remove his breasts and underwent testosterone therapy, but kept his female reproductive system.

He stopped taking his testosterone injections around eight years ago, which made him capable of still having children.

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  1. I chose to stay away from all the media frenzy occasioned by this event. However, today I wanted to check it out with my own eyes and my vision of the pregnant man was not what I expected. He seems like a modest guy, he’s got a normal family with his wife and they seem to have a perfectly serene life. Why not?

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